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Private Placement Program

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

These programs involve the sale of securities between chosen investors and the worldwide financial market in the form of Medium-Term Notes, Small Cap Trades and Bullet Trades.

These sales create wealth for the economy and release a dynamic flow of funds for the investor.

Meredith Charles has a proven track record with Private Placement Programmes, having been directly involved for numerous years.

We are fortunate that our strategic partnerships with FED approved traders and Tier 1 Banks has enabled Meredith Charles to operate in this exclusive Private Placement arena.

We aim to demystify the uncertainty surrounding Private Placement Programmes and offer clarity for our discerning clients so they can make a conscious decision as to whether this investment strategy is right for their portfolio.

We are available by appointment to discuss Private Placement Programmes in more detail in our Mayfair office, enquire here.


Key Features:

  • By Invitation Only
  • High Net Worth


  • Above Average Yield
  • Hand Crafted

One Of Our Hand-Picked Selections Because:

“Details of these uber-exclusive investments are very hard to come by except for the well-connected few. Here at Meredith Charles, we pride ourselves on being well-informed and at the forefront of this type of investment. For the right clients that meet our strict criteria, we can assist in securing sought-after Private Placement Programs”

Craig Gabriel

Director of Business Development

If this sounds like an opportunity you’d be interested in, let’s talk…