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PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

  • Interest: Upon Request
  • Length: 2 years
  • Security: Debenture, Guarantee & Indemnity 
  • Minimum investment: £100,000

Key Features

Debenture Against Company

Hand-Picked Opportunity

Quarterly Returns

Fixed Interest Rate

Early Exit Strategy

Projected Cashflow


PARDUS Fixed Income Bond is designed for select clients who don’t wish to compromise on high yield or robust capital security. Presenting a fixed-term bond created and structured to be different to anything else on the market.

This is a fantastic opportunity to earn a substantial-high yield through a ‘pre-sold policy’ investment strategy that utilises our exclusive access to a fixed-term bond that significantly outperforms other fixed-rate offerings.

Seasoned investors will appreciate the multiple layers of capital protection. Which includes a guarantee and indemnity for any loss incurred, a fixed & floating charge via debenture and FCA regulated trustees.

Restricted to High net worth and Sophisticated Investors only as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Enquire below to learn the specifics regarding this bond.

One of our hand-picked selections because:

“Investments of this calibre are seldom available in today's market. This exclusive opportunity boasts an unrivalled level of protection that’s absent on leading unregulated bonds. If you believe you meet the investment criteria, it's in your interest to determine if you are eligible to invest in this first-rate bond”

Mike Bold, Director

“Phenomenal returns coupled with extraordinary security on your investment”

Craig Gabriel, Director of Business development