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Forex Algorithm Trading

Do you want to take your trading strategy to the next level?

Are you an experienced FX Trader with a 12-month proven track record?

Experienced FX traders can benefit from an exclusive opportunity to access a high-specification trading algorithm that will significantly enhance the performance of proven strategies and as a result, have a positive impact on the bottom line.

The bespoke, sophisticated algorithm has been refined over 6 years to provide traders with the enhanced flexibility to choose partial or full automation of their trading strategies.

Traders can sit back and witness the significant growth achieved from automatic trades made with pinpoint accuracy at high-speed. In addition, traders can enhance their existing strategies with the in-depth reports and analysis provided by the algorithm. The reporting feature has proved extremely beneficial for traders with strategies that have parameter variables.

Bespoke Features Include

  • Automation to single or multiple brokers automatically
  • On-line trade entries & parameter settings
  • Fast execution and advanced financial analysis tools
  • Tick by tick data capture per strategy for detailed analysis
  • Online portals for monitoring positions
  • Automated notifications to help you monitor market trends
  • No limit to the number currency of pairs that can be monitored 24/7
  • Ongoing algorithm support


“We believe in the Algorithm so much that we are willing to let experienced Forex traders try it for three months – free of charge”

Craig Gabriel

Director of Business Development

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