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Cryptocurrency Trading


Diversifying your asset exposure with cryptocurrency is now both simple and transparent through this safe and secure fintech platform.

The unprecedented low-interest rates over the past decade has resulted in many investors pursuing higher yields through alternative investments. Cryptocurrencies were a standout alternative investment for 2019, outperforming many major asset classes including gold and offering lucrative returns.

We are offering our clients the opportunity to join the World’s First ‘Crypto Community’ and benefit from unique wealth-building opportunities via a safe and secure platform.

Being part of this pioneering ‘community ecosystem’ means users can benefit from live support with exclusive access to webinars, meetings, one-to-one affiliate support and the innovative ‘Learn’ platform.

The unique customer-centric approach is designed to support users, enabling them to build wealth with cryptocurrency through a higher level of education, customer service and care – even if they have absolutely no crypto or technology experience.

The team behind this opportunity consists of world experts, leading compliance lawyers and top businesspeople. The online platform boasts the highest independent security rating available and you can access your account easily online.

Investors can choose to invest in the ‘Blue Chip Bundle’ portfolio consisting of Blue Chip crypto coins, or the ‘DAC Pack’, which offers significant growth potential.

Blue Chip Bundle – minimum investment £100

This is a diversified investment portfolio designed for low risk and high returns. The bundle consists of a strategic mix of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightcoin and DAC. This selection of coins has been selected as it has historically outperformed a pure bitcoin purchase.

DAC Pack – minimum investment £100

The DAC strategy is unique, so it requires more explanation of how price and liquidity will be developed. However, the DAC pack has been designed to deliver incredible capital growth to investors who are looking for strong returns in a volatile economy.

Key Features:

  • High-yield crypto opportunities

  • Own coins in your own online account


  • 24/7 liquidity

  • A global ‘community ecosystem’ designed to inform, educate, and inspire

One Of Our Hand-Picked Selections Because:

“The prospect of making the leap into cryptocurrency can be a daunting prospect at first, however this unique platform enables investors to quickly navigate the world of cryptocurrency without many of the previous barriers to entry.”

Craig Gabriel

Director of Business Development

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