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PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

Meredith Charles is proud to announce a strategic partnership with PARDUS Fixed Income Bond, one of the most exciting fixed income investment opportunities on the market.

Uber-High-Net Worth, sophisticated investors and family offices can now access this extraordinary in fixed income bond exclusively through Meredith Charles.


PARDUS Fixed Income Bond Key Features


  • 1% per month
  • £100,000 minimum investment
  • 24-month term

Forecasted Gross Return On Investment

High returns are a key feature of this investment. If an individual wished to invest a minimum £100,000 investment, then their projected Gross Returns would be as follows:

Bond Term Fixed Investment Fixed Interest Payments (Per Quarter) Gross Return on Investment £ Gross Return on Investment %
Year 1 £100,000* 3% £11,760 12%
Year 2 Carried Over 3% £11,760 12%
*-2% Initial Charge     £23,520  


The Extraordinary Security Features of PARDUS Fixed Income Bond


First and Foremost, this bond has been structured with investors in mind, which makes it stand out from everything else on the market. The level of expertise of the performance-driven management team adds security for the investor. Rarely have we seen a fixed-rate bond wrapped in so many layers of protection.

  • An Independent and experienced Security Trustee holds securities in trust in favour of the issuer and the bondholders
  • A Debenture containing a fixed and floating charge over all assets of the issuer in favour of the bondholders
  • A Guarantee from GRMA Pardus Wealth to indemnify any loss incurred by the issuer and its bondholders. GRMA Pardus Wealth acts as Collateral Manager for the issuer and as of April 2020 has over €360M of assets under management

There is no third-party recourse to investor funds. A UK Bank account will hold investor’s capital for the duration of the investment. The bond issuer does not need to transfer any funds from this bank account for trade to be made.



Restrictions To PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

Due to the nature of this bond, eligibility for investment is restricted to High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors only as outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Find Out More About PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

If you believe you fit the investment criteria and you would if you would like to know more about this Fixed-Rate Bond, please email [email protected]

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