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Since the global financial crisis in 2008, interest rates have been historically low. Meaning that today’s High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors have been increasingly asking themselves, “Where can I invest my money for high returns?”

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond offers a high percentage return on investment and is ideal for discerning investors looking for superior risk-adjusted returns. Investors in PARDUS can enjoy returns from 12% per annum!

12% per year… Sounds too good to be true!

In today’s market, when you first hear 12%, it sounds unrealistic. It’s understandable to feel that way given the unfavourable interest rates since 2008. However, these returns CAN and ARE being achieved in by savvy investors!

Read on to discover how PADUS Fixed Income Bond can offer such high returns.

How can Pardus offer such a high percentage return on investment?

PARDUS is a unique high return investment opportunity. It has been designed from its inception to minimise risk while enabling access to generous returns for High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors.

Fulfilling its sole aim of producing a risk-adjusted, high percentage return on investment, Pardus generates profit through an arbitrage-based trading strategy.

“Arbitrage, in its purest form, is defined as the purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy. This results in immediate risk-free profit.”


Arbitrageurs can trade an array of assets from financial securities to commodities. A commodity is defined as a physical asset which is or can be traded on a secondary market. Commodities can include items such as agricultural products, metals including their ores and alloys and energy for instance, electricity.

The experienced Arbitrageurs behind Pardus Fixed Income Bond trade both commodities and financial securities to generate the high return offered to investors.

If the high returns are that good, why has no one else done this before?

The truth is that people have been successfully using arbitrage as a trading strategy since ancient times and are still using it today!

Geoffrey Poitras, from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, published a research paper, entitled “Arbitrage: Historical Perspectives” documenting the history of arbitrage. Within it, Poitras has examined historical merchant manuals and identified arbitrage trading in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

In 2010 the National Bureau of Economic Research produced a report claiming to document the largest ever arbitrage opportunity documented. If this rare arbitrage opportunity were executed (and we will never know if it was) it would have generated an estimated $56 billion in revenue.

Arbitrage opportunities have always existed in the global market, although investors seldom access them due to their elusive nature. To implement an arbitrage trade, you first need to identify an opportunity, then you need a highly skilled Trader/Arbitrageur, up-to-the-second market news, sophisticated software, and substantial trading capital – all of which PADUS has privileged access too.

Why doesn’t anyone hear about high return arbitrage trades?

Simple, arbitrage trades can generate substantial profits for those astute enough to recognise the opportunity early. The more people that know about arbitrage chances, the shorter the opportunity window.

“Such profits, after accounting for transaction costs, will no doubt draw additional traders who will seek to exploit the same price discrepancy, and consequently, the arbitrage opportunity will disappear as the prices of the asset balances out across the markets.”


Although secretive in nature, Arbitrage is a legitimate way of trading that contributes to market efficiency by balancing out price discrepancies across global markets.

PARDUS Fixed Income Bond high return investment specifics


  • Pardus 12% pa Fixed Income Bond has a 24-month term with interest paid quarterly. As the interest rate is fixed, it will not fluctuate in different market conditions and will always remain fixed.
  • You can start earning your 12% pa interest once you have invested the minimum £100,000.
  • An Independent and experienced Security Trustee hold a legal debenture over the PADUS Fixed Income Bond.
  • PARDUS Fixed Income Bond is listed and can be procured on CREST and
  • At the moment, PARDUS has not set a maximum amount for how many bonds an investor can buy.
  • To be eligible for PARDUS Fixed Income Bond you must be a certified High Net Worth individual or Sophisticated Investor

So where should you invest your money for high returns?

That depends on your individual circumstances and the aim and objectives of your individual investment portfolio.

Pardus Fixed Income Bond is an excellent option for any High Net Worth or Sophisticated investor looking to add a high yielding investment to their diverse portfolio.

The views expressed in this article are those of Meredith Charles. They should not be considered as advice or recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular investment. They reflect our personal opinion and should not be solely relied upon when making investment decisions.