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2020 Fixed Income Outlook

As a new decade dawns, we here at Meredith Charles are beginning to look towards a new year of fixed income investment opportunities. With our minds focused on high returns in 2020, we are keen to pre-empt any challenges that investors may face in the year ahead.

What’s In Your Best Interest?

When you compare the returns of investments over the past decade to that of savings, there is a brighter outlook for people who wanted to generate money from their capital.

The General Election 2019 - Impact On Investors

The outcome of the general election in the UK has the potential to have a huge impact on the future of individual stocks, investments and the stock market. We're examining what impact the election may have from an investors standpoint.

Where can I invest my money for high returns?

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, interest rates have been historically low. Meaning that today’s High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors have been increasingly asking themselves, “Where can I invest my money for high returns?” Read on to find out.

Don’t invest in a fixed income bond until you’ve read this

Fixed income bonds are a worthwhile addition to any investors portfolio as they offer alternative advantages and disadvantages to traditional stocks and shares. With the popularity of fixed income bonds on the rise, we here at Meredith Charles have created a checklist to help anyone considering purchasing a bond.

Your Questions About CREST and Euroclear answered

Meredith Charles is proud to announce listing of the PARDUS Fixed-Income bond on Euroclear ISIN: GB00BKC93834. But what does this mean?

Investors Should Learn These 5 Lessons From Golf

It’s official, for the next 12 months we here at Meredith Charles are the proud sponsors of the 18th hole at Upton-by-Chester Golf Club, one of the finest golf courses in Cheshire.

5 Celebrities Who Have Made Millions Through Investing

We’ve picked our top five celebrity investors to examine how they have increased their wealth through investments, including which of those investments have been their most profitable to date.

Investment Opportunity - PARDUS Fixed Income Bond

Meredith Charles is proud to announce a strategic partnership as premier introducers to one of 2019’s most exciting fixed-rate bond investments – designed to fill a gap in the market through offering an uncommon level of capital security.