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Become an Introducer

Financial Introducer

Investing with Meredith Charles connects you to a world of financial possibilities through the accessibility of innovative investment opportunities.

Introducing for Meredith Charles puts you in direct contact with the key players involved in those investment opportunities.

Meredith Charles has had a direct involvement in financially engineering our flagship product – Pardus Fixed Income Bond. So, when you are introducing clients to this product via Meredith Charles, you are as close to the investment decision-makers as you can get.

No one wants to be on the periphery, especially when it comes to finance and investments. Introducers want to reassure their clients they have direct access to all communications and information regarding any investment. If your clients invest in Pardus Fixed Income Bond with Meredith Charles, you can assure your clients of this fact.

Why Introduce to Meredith Charles?

The main reason to become an introducer for Meredith Charles is to help your clients benefit from access to high yield investment opportunities. However, our uncapped commission structure means there is no limit on earnings, so you could also benefit from creating generous revenue from introducing your clients.

Each introducer is valued as a true partner, enjoying an array of enhanced and exclusive partner benefits, including:

Access to exclusive investment products

Digital Marketing Support

Compliance Support

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Access to our introducer section on the website

Specific Contractual Agreements

“Great team with a solid network and professional foundation from years spent in the industry. The unique products offered by Meredith Charles are well received by my clients”

“I can rely on the Meredith Charles to be available when we need information or marketing insights, which has helped us to achieve results beyond expectations”


“I always received payments in line with expected amounts and by the due date, and I’m very happy working with Meredith Charles. I have no hesitation in recommending investments from Meredith Charles to any suitable client”


Who can introduce for Meredith Charles

Introducers must have access to clients who are classed as High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals and/or Sophisticated Investors.

Introducers do not have to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to introduce the products featured on our website. We do insist that you adhere to FCA promotional guidelines, presenting the products ethically and professionally at all times. Becoming a successful financial introducer is an acquired skill, it helps if you have financial knowledge, an extensive network and a flair for sales and marketing. If you are not from a financial background but possess an extensive database of High Net Worth clients, we may still accept your application. If your application is approved, Meredith Charles will offer the appropriate levels of support and guidance to assist you.

How To Become an Introducer For Meredith Charles

First, you would need to register your interest, either by filling out an enquiry form or calling our office. After an initial discussion (and usually a meeting) we will ask you to sign an introducer agreement and then register you as an Introducer Appointed Representative.