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About Us

Established in 2014, Meredith Charles provides privileged knowledge of the high-return investment market to private clients and High Net Worth Sophisticated Investors.

We are a Boutique Investment House with offices in Chester and Mayfair, London.

Our Mayfair premises are situated in Hay Hill and by appointment you can visit us to discuss your investments.

Our prestigious team are vastly connected within the financial industry and offer acute insight and access to every kind of investment, including those considered to be unreachable, including Private Placement Programs.

Meredith Charles commitments and strong, long-standing relationships with regulated traders and top-tier banking institutions throughout Europe enables us to offer undiscovered investment opportunities to our private clients.

Each investment opportunity has undergone rigorous due diligence by Directors and Shareholders, passing our unique quality assurance criteria which consists of Meredith Chales investing and proving the product.

Invest with Meredith Charles and discover a world of financial possibilities, with hand-picked opportunities exclusively for our discerning clientele.

We only promote products we fully believe in and which we have standing as our reputation is paramount.

Meredith Charles Due Diligence

Many of our clients have a great deal of trust with our company, our reputation in the marketplace is extremely good and we have built this up in a number of ways but ultimately the returns on the investments and our client handling are significant factors.

Before we advise on any product we go through quite a strict process using our many years of expertise. We are often offered financial products to promote and we need to know the product is strong and right for our investors before we would contemplate introducing into our portfolio.

After passing the initial scrutiny of our checks we could eventually move onto the investment phase where we as Meredith Charles invest our money first. It is extremely important to us that we are only working with products we are comfortable with.

Continued Growth

We have continued to grow steadily over the past ten years, originally based in Chester we expanded the business and opened an office in London just over three years ago. In early 2020 we moved our London base to Hay Hill in Mayfair which provides the base for meetings in the heart of our business.

Dealing directly with Tier 1 investors a base in Mayfair was seen as a strong strategic move three years ago and that proved to be the case as we developed our reputation in the financial investment sector.

Our latest product as part of our growing portfolio is the PARDUS Fixed Income Bond which has just been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, more details can be found on the PARDUS page.